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Welcome to Missy Moomins

Hey there, I hope you are well :o)  
Are you looking for a different type of gift to give someone?  Or fancy a browse?  Take your time have a look around and please do not hesitate in contacting me if you need any help or inspiration.


I have been creating crochet and needle felting projects for sometime and it brings me so much joy to create something this cute and see the happiness it brings to people when they see the completed project for the first time.  Whether this is to help cheer someone up, provide a gift for a special event / occasion or just to send a personalised message to a friend or family member, they are versatile and customisable to suit any situation.

What makes Missymoomins different?

Inspired from a Kawaii aesthetic, my designs are created to give a super cute and adorable look.  There is nothing more lovable than a fluffy huggable looking animal.

Why Missymoomins?

The name originates from my cat Missy who sadly passed away in August 2018.  There’s not a day goes by that I don’t miss my lovable yet funny kitty.  Using her nickname and elements of her cuteness in the designs is my way of keeping her memories close and honouring the times we used to spend together.